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Books-By-Mail Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Books-by-Mail?
• An award-winning program available to all qualifying San Diego County residents, including children.

• You can receive library materials, free of charge, through the mail.

Who can receive service?
You are eligible if you:

   • Are temporarily or permanently homebound.
   • Have a disability or are ill.
   • Are the caregiver to someone who is ill.
   • Lack transportation or live in a remote area of San Diego County that is far from a library or a mobile library stop.

How are materials selected?
• You will fill out a detailed application about your reading interests, including favorite genres and authors.

 •You can select from various formats, i.e. regular print and/or large print books, audio books, only paperbacks, no large or heavy books and magazines.

• You're welcome to make specific requests, or we make selections based on your profile.

How does it work?
• Readers automatically receive a new bag as soon as the current one is returned.

• A maximum of six items per bag can be mailed.

• The check-out period for each item is three weeks. The items can be renewed if no one is waiting.

• Your library card is free, and postage is pre-paid by the library.

Which types of materials are available?
Books, magazines, audio books (CDs and cassettes). At this time it is not possible to check out DVDs, videos, newspapers, or interlibrary loan materials.

How do I apply for Books-by-Mail?
Please call toll-free: 1-866-279-9629 or email us at books.bymail@sdcounty.ca.gov.

Borrowed from County of San Diego: Books-By-Mail