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Oh no, he DID'NT!

I know this is a little late, but I had to mention the whole "stephen-king-kinda-dissed-Stephanie-Meyers" comment in the USA weekend article.  Check it out here at the author's blog:

I just finished up teaching Jr High English in October, and know that the ladies in my classes would wreak slight havoc on Mr. King if word got around to them.  To spice up life at my library, it will be the topic for my web poll in April. I can't wait to see the results!


Librarian Trading Cards

I found these courtesy of  calibk12 listserv....thanks to Richard Moore of Huntington Beach for the post.  And I believe I mentioned in a previous post that my district has ridiculously strict filters, so -annoyingly- I had to wait to open the link at home.  But these trading cards are an awesome idea, and it is my hope that all of Team Aloha library workers can one day be on one.  I can see it now...."collect them all: Team Aloha Library."  

Enjoy: www.librariantradingcards.blogspot.com/  

Best Bibliothek

As a high school library media teacher, I'm a little green with envy looking at my new favorite school website:  The Big House Library in Petaluma, CA. I am LOVIN' this right now!!!  Anna Koval designs the site, and has so many fun things for kids; she obviously has much more freedom with district network than I do.  Have I mentioned the  extremely annoying filters my district has on virtually everything?  Okay, I'm exaggerating here, but looking at The Big House, I wish I could have more fun...(said longingly). 
Take a gander:  www.bighouselibrary.com/

Specialty Search Engines

Your new best friends. Yes, Google is all the rage but general search engines can require a lot of time to find topic-specific information. Job search engines, IMDB.com, and Ask.com are examples of popular specialty search engines.


This can be your new favorite website. It is a list of some useful specialty search engines in a long list of topics. Check it out and you might find yourself saving some time and finding some good information.

Library Love.

When I think of libraries, I think of childhood. I spent most of my under-aged years (and a good chunk since the 18th marker) in one. reading, browsing shelves, borrowing movies. My first library card was more important to me than a drivers license. Because it was my key to unlocking whole new worlds.
I discovered so many things while in the libraries I called my own, be they at school or otherwise. Honestly, I don;t think half of my interests in life would be as prominent, nor would I want to write for a living had libraries not been there to help shape my mind and perception with all sorts of wonderful stories and adventures, all contained within the shelved tomes I loved.

Sounds sappy right? Well it is. But hell, I think I'm going to go visit the library right now. I've got two books to return, and three to check out, and a million more to read in the future.